Mothergunship: Review

Mothergunship do without the long intros and long videos — the player immediately clothed in the suit and placed on the alien ship. A stern Colonel and his assistant talk to the hero on the radio about his abilities, and after a few moments you are beaten with fists aliens, and then create your first weapon, which in the end defeat huge “boss”. Played it all almost as much fun as it sounds.

And I do a little

The ability to sculpt absurd cannon of several parts built here: a progression system, and gameplay, and level design. Finding himself near the bench, the player sees his inventory, is divided into three sections. The trunks are various machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers and other such things. Connectors are used to install most of these guns — they come in different shapes and can contain several parts. Nozzles and improve the performance of the gun — for example, increase the damage.

The connectors come in different types and some have all connectors on one side, the other quite tiny, but stick to something you from behind and from the side. However, when you create weapons, you need to remember several important rules. First, all guns should be pointing in the same direction, and the game will not allow you to install an extra gun, if the rule is broken. Second, the “guns” are different sizes, and some of them can be so large that it will block neighboring connectors.

One connector is not obstructed to attach a couple more, and then the fun begins. You add one barrel, then two, then find another connector, tip it sideways, it allows you to install a couple more parts. And if in the early levels you only use bare fists (which, by the way, I beat quite strongly and is very useful in melee), then in the final you come with two huge guns that both shoot lasers, and missiles, and ordinary bullets.

However, the absolutely insane weapons to construct will fail. Recharge in the game there instead when firing requires energy. And the more you have the barrels, the faster it runs out of its stock. Cleave a variety of machine guns and flamethrowers, you will create a very powerful gun, but after a few seconds she’ll stop shooting. Therefore, you should think not only about the quantity but about the quality of the parts is to study how much energy they consume, what’s the damage, what their rate of fire. Details of white color — the most unpretentious and often, and rare and powerful items are often given for completing missions or purchased on the black market.

Levels are run from the headquarters — in the story you visit various alien ships, and each time get to the button of self-destruction (or “boss”), making immediately after this evacuation. Usually, at the beginning of the next mission, you are allowed to take a few details. Can choose favorite direct connector with three connectors, hoping to collect along the way three of the trunk, or grab some useful machine gun. In some side quests (here called the sponsor) there is no choice — you’re forced to go on a mission with certain elements. But wearing them is optional, so that here nothing, in fact, limit.

The fates

Locations are randomly generated and consist of several rooms, where you always expect a large number of aliens. Although variations in these rooms a lot, eventually they begin to repeat, and opponents turned out not too diverse. The ability to have different — some shoot missiles, others flying up and trying to hurt circular saws, and others released dozens of rays and cause damage, slowly approaching the main character. But the design is boring — all the same with turrets, flying drones and other such mechanisms we have fought in many games.

The situation save roguelite elements, including the aforementioned random generation — apart from the fact that the rooms are always placed in a random order, the position of the opponents, too, can change. You remember that in a certain compartment was seen standing at the corners of the turret, but next time they might not be around, and will have to adapt to new conditions. The room usually has several outputs — what I choose will be towards the end of the task. But it can be like ordinary rooms with ordinary enemies, and filled with lava rooms or corridors with bonus coins as lucky.

The currency used to buy new items in shops, and sometimes buy something not possible for several stages. Can long to earn coins and successfully repel the aliens, but to stay with the starting weapons because of the lack around the shops and workbenches. And when I finally get to buy parts after a few minutes the level ends and you are still unable to fully try out his big gun. Or a failed generation you lose you take a part — in case of death select them, and pick them up at the base becomes impossible.

These shortcomings will surely fix updates — in August it is planned to add a co-op mode, and further of new free content will be even greater. And now these defects are not so much spoiling to throw Mothergunship after a few levels. Collect weapons and move quickly from one opponent to another very fun, sometimes the game generally resembles the past of DOOM and classic shooters like Unreal. So take it preferably on a computer — the authors have adapted the control to the controller (the left stick is jump, and “square” — a quick reversal), but still with a mouse can play more comfortable and fun.

The mood lifts not only the dynamic gameplay, but also a great sense of humor — Colonel, the technician and the robot, constantly communicating with each other and the protagonist, it’s great fun and superbly articulated. In the Russian version a lot of ad-libbing, and some phrase or reduced, or become twice as long because of the added localizers gags, but still the transfer failed. And the other part of the game indicate that it is much less serious than, for example, the same DOOM. Because there you can’t improve your triple jump so that jump 40 times in a row without a break!

The modern player is difficult to surprise — almost everything that could be done, someone has managed to bring to life. But


will be able to please those looking for something new. But at the same time those who like giant guns, occupying almost half of the screen and firing multiple projectiles. If the story campaign will be enough (and probably will), you can start endless mode where you don’t need to worry about the imminent end of the level, collect anything and heartily have fun.

Pros: dynamic gameplay in the spirit of “old school” shooters; the ability to create powerful guns with incompatible at first glance trunks; a great sense of humor in the story campaign; endless mode allows you to assemble a truly crazy weapons.

Cons: the similarity of the locations and foes; random generation sometimes throws up nasty surprises; small performance issues.