Mary Skelter: Nightmares: Review

What would happen if Snow white, little Red riding Hood, Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty come together and… wait, Wait, that just porn? No, not porn, and Japanese game, dungeon crawler about the battle in the dungeons in anime style and with a slightly crazy (well, like always the Japanese) concept. I agree, the difference between porn and Japanese game sometimes barely noticeable, but still Mary Skelter: Nightmares in addition to the fan service and cute nyashek with fabulous names and really fun gameplay, and unusual mechanics. But who am I kidding — okay, there are girls you can wash and undress in mini-games. Interested now? All the rest of the shocking details below.

Dungeon crawler on the strip was quite rare at present exclusive to the PS Vita. But not for long — the game was so successful that the second part was transferred to the big four “Curling”, where it was released in mid — July- but only in Japan. And the first time ported to the PC in Steam, it debuted in July and immediately received a lot of very positive reviews.

Why? I already partially answered. Yes, in our group, which goes down to the local dungeons called “Prison”, goes through the cells of the eyes, overcome traps and gives step by step slap monsters (in General, does it in any Wizardry or Legend of Grimrock), only the cutest fighting game. And the main character, a sensitive boy named Jack can flirt with them, give gifts (including, of course, includes the great bed in their private room) and grabbing girls legs in mini-games. All this reduces the amount of clothing on the girls and completes the scale the sympathy to Jack with waifu that also gives bonuses in battle and exploring dungeons.

Blood, insanity and roses

A little? Here’s another. All the girls can lick each other’s blood, in return for some bonuses such as an instant restoration of health. The fact that they are all “Bloody virgins”, which in battle are gradually gaining local analog of rage and occasionally go berserk — in this state they can randomly attack anyone, even an ally, causing a more powerful attack, but also take more damage. If you lick them a little bit of blood, the level of rage will decrease. In addition, to lower it and even withdraw girlfriends of bloody mayhem maybe Jack — to do this he must shoot at them from a pistol with his blood.

The huge dungeon is a living organism, which has its own desires and which can change its state. Periodically, he throws us against elite monsters, and begins, in fact, the titular nightmare is to defeat these people is impossible, you can only escape. The chance to fight and win only appears after you destroy the heart in a particular location.

All this madness in the atmosphere and mechanics complemented with appropriate stylistic performance. The first location is clearly made based on “Alice in Wonderland” — everywhere the image of the clock and playing cards. At the local cemetery trees and fences entwined with roses, and the eyes of the girls, when they fall into a frenzy, burning not scarlet-red, and glamorous pink…

The fight only girls

However— it is also a really interesting dungeon crawler, in which we are rehearsing and pumped new skills for their “snow white”, improving their armor and weapons collected in battle crystals for them change class girls (in addition to the usual archetypes, there are poet, Libero, and even some “virgin Cherry”) performed simple quests to collect items and destroy monsters. And deal is not too onerous, but useful “grind” to automatically level up and be able to fight on equal terms with the more serious enemies in the new dungeons.

Yes, there is almost no interesting puzzles, in the same

Legend of Grimrock

and the mechanic of survival — don’t feed the heroines and the time to put them to bed. But the pitfalls are many, and each character has a unique blood ability that helps in exploring dungeons. Sleeping beauty, for example, can blow up the old wall to open a hidden passage, Snow white is striking arrows remote switches, Red riding Hood stabs partitions, and Jack is ready to splash the room with their blood, for example, to extinguish a candle…

The only thing that I am personally slightly bothered, is the fact that the local story (pretty interesting in its essence) is in the format of lengthy and non-interactive visual novel, where almost half of the replicas is a kind of sighs, sobs, interjections, particles, and phrases in the spirit Yup, Yup. And, of course, a pity that the fabulous heroines there are more than recognizable names — and imagine how it would be good if, for example, Snow white was able to call on the battlefield aggressive seven dwarfs and little Red riding Hood poisoned enemies of their pies!

Sometimes looks like a joke about the fact that the Japanese wanted to make a normal dungeon crawler, and they still turned out almost porn with half naked nyashki, combined with a Dating SIM. Sometimes it really is fun game about the conquest of the dungeons from the game and interesting mechanics. But overall it is a very specific and colorful, a good crazy fun, which definitely will appeal to all lovers of anime, but it is able to push the needle and someone else.

Pros: there is a anime version of Snow white, Sleeping beauty and little red riding hood, with whom you can flirt; a lot of potential for bleeding and the development of characters; a number of the unusual genre of a mechanic; a lot of traps and hidden passages, colorful design of locations, nice picture.

Cons: visual novel, which served the plot, it looks lengthy and non-interactive; the music is repeated and boring.