Chasm: Review

For the gaming industry, five years is a long time. Approximately as much time, for example, existed for the Wii U, which stopped in January 2018. Fundraising for Chasm was launched on Kickstarter in April 2013, and since then, the world saw the Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Ori and the Blind Forest and many other great games. And all they ever offered something new to the genre, or unusual look. Five years ago, the Chasm also seemed to be something original and interesting.

The classics

The developers were inspired by older games in the series Castlevania, especially Symphony of the Night, what they were told during Kickstarter campaign. Therefore, the Chasm with the classic Konami a lot in common: and — partly — visual style, and hanging from the ceiling lamps, which can be broken with one blow, and magic tricks. The character gradually acquires new abilities and later will be able to cling to ledges, bounce off walls and make tackles, although it is now typical for any game of this type.

And though an exact copy of Castlevania the project is not to call something new, he also did not think. The main “chip” Chasm was the procedural generation of levels — all the rooms are hand-drawn, but their order will be different with each new passing. The version that I took, you hardly ever see, but you can share rooms with your friends and community if some arrangement you like. According to the authors, the game you want to re-take either immediately or after a few months or years, and due to the different structural levels of the process will become less melancholy.

Unfortunately, this feature is one of the main disadvantages of the Chasm. Good like players including by the careful design of locations. The developers put hidden passages, secret rooms and other surprises that open access to the treasure chests or even cut a path to another region, as is done in Hollow Knight. Here, the generation occurs sometimes in such a way that the room of the same type you see two or three times in a row. Opponents are the same, they are located in the same place, and the transitions in neighboring zones are in the same places.

Archaeologist shares with the hero of new discoveries.

The idea, which has long been implemented in many “bagels” in the Chasm at all out of place. It does not affect anything and are simply useless. You are stored in certain rooms, after death are reborn in them, completely losing hard-earned progress is impossible, and in the event of death, nothing in the game world does not change. Probably “speedrunners” the opportunity to play in an “ideal” version of Chasm will be useful, but for the average user to sense from it a zero. Yes, and it’s clearly not the game that you will want to return.

All have seen

If we forget about the random generation, nothing more interesting to boast Chasm can not. The story ceases to follow very quickly any new details you learn from talking with an archaeologist, looking for causes of the disappearance of the ancient civilization, the other scattered through the rooms of the notes and the notes. There is no mysterious universe, the details of which collect the crumbs from the descriptions of items and enemies, as well as no desire to read the note with 20 lines of continuous text. On the background of Celebrating this looks too outdated, even considering that it was meant to.

During the journey, the hero meets the residents of the settlement, which after recovery of the cells go to the surface and engaged in trade. Someone cooks the food, which here is first aid kits, someone making potions or manufactures equipment, one of the characters opens a store with magical techniques. Former prisoners don’t do any discounts and ask for all the money, and at the same time give small optional assignments like requests to find their lost things somewhere in the depths of the dungeon. To some traders easy to get to while others can’t get until you acquire the desired skill.

For this we have to go back to the old location, open the map and see what room for one reason or another are left unexplored. But it made it very uncomfortable. All the zones are quite large, and even with the passes, cutting a path from one point to another, to get to the right room (and Vice versa) have long. And when you will walk and use a new ability, instead of a prisoner there certainly find a chest with a subject that is weaker than you. What is the meaning of such secrets, if there are hidden things that you had to get well before getting them?

Intermediate “bosses” are not as dangerous as usual, but can also pull the nerves.

These chests would be much more useful if they were mountains of gold, bcause of the chances of getting items and coins in the Chasm too small. You can clean the entire location with dozens of rooms and never see any kind of healing food. And when the character is 10 health, and you have not remained, there is a problem. You either bravely moving forward, ridiculous dying due to the fall in the poison water, or run back to the save point and restore there health, losing a few wasted minutes. There is another option — go and login in the same room, killing enemies and trying to improve, which will also replenish lives.

Later this flaw will be less noticeable, especially when you understand why there is the characteristics of the character. The game is not explained, but the chances of the subject is affected by the rate of luck that you can increase accessories or items. In the end, almost every broken lamp will start to drop coins, and play becomes much more interesting. You can buy powerful weapons, get dressed in good armor, buying all the food and cook the right potion, and at the same time will acquire a scroll of teleportation in the settlement. But until that time will be about four hours, which is nearly half of the game.

About health would not have to worry as much if the battle system was OK, but it tried to make it like the old Castlevania. So the character for seconds is a pillar after being struck and not able to cancel the attack. At the same time were brought here, “exploit” with the ability to strike with the sword in the air and immediately perform the next attack, standing on the ground. It makes any fight much easier, so use this technique you are down to the final, even though it looks ridiculous. What use will not be exact, it’s on the rebound, which often leads to failure and the loss of health.

Double strike useful in any situation, but it makes the already dreary battles more boring. Many enemies are trying to hit the character, and then for a couple of seconds standing still or moving backward, and in these moments it is easily possible to inflict double damage. Themselves enemies as unoriginal as possible: rats, wasps, kobolds, Golems, mages, spiders — all fed up many years ago. Yes, and “bosses” not interested, after a couple of days after passing it was hard for me to remember at least half of them.

Just five years ago, the market was not such a huge number of similar games, and now the audience are different. Almost no one is trying to make a new Castlevania or directly copy features some other classic games, most brings innovation, offers a contemporary look. A Chasm trying to look like a predecessor of many years ago, but in the end suffers from bad design locations, the awkward combat system and strange balance.

Pros: the similarity with the old Castlevania will surely appeal to fans of the series; nice graphics; explore the levels sometimes interesting.

Cons: repetitive rooms within the same location; boring design enemies; mediocre story; inconvenient “history”; in the first half of the game, too little money; the only innovation was useless.