Battle for Azeroth will forever change the PvP system in World of Warcraft. The glory of the experience and loot!

Battle for Azeroth will forever change the PvP system in World of Warcraft

It all started with Sargeras. And long ago, in the time that individual advocates of World of Warcraft Classic could not catch. But everything comes to an end, even the canonical villains. Heroes of the Legion stopped the destructive activities of the mad Titan. It’s time to save Azeroth from each other.

Way to jail

Then suddenly, the Horde and the Alliance, who yesterday shoulder to shoulder fought with demons, suddenly shifted to mutual destruction, Blizzard yet keeps secret. But about it we learn much earlier than August. Soon the game will be the episode with the barbaric burning of a beautiful Teldrassil, and a week to install Battle for Azeroth owners will take part in the battle for Lordaeron. And to follow the event will be from two sides: Horde and Alliance fighting against each other on the same territory, and both right, of course, the case.

One of the mandatory events of the new addon – “flattening”. Tysyacheletiye legendary “Legion” in the new addition do not seem so powerful.

And then comes August 14 story to make another pirouette, and about factional battles will have to forget. To begin with we will escape from prison.

Soldiers of the Alliance prepared for the meeting with compete Jaina Proudmoore, “walk” almost the entire “Legion”. She intends to return home, there to begin his mission of salvation of Azeroth. But, as usual, not everything goes according to plan.

Familiar system: choose the location and go to put things in order.

Go to jail and the heroes of the Horde. But their task is even more interesting: to get into the Stormwind dungeons and from there to steal the captive General. A well-designed plan in this case goes wrong, and instead of the General have to drive through the streets of the capital Alliance the exotic Princess Zandalari.

As a result, players of both factions are in the new territories. But on different continents: the Alliance will have to solve the problem of the rulers of the legendary Kul Tiras and the Horde have a long chat with the trolls of Zandalar. The designers of the locations, as usual, did a great job: the harsh forests and highlands of the Valley of storms, Targetscope Pomerania and Trustware even half asleep not to be confused with a picturesque jungle, swamps and Golden pyramids Nazira, Vol Tung and Zuldazar.

Sword of Sargeras has already lost lethal force. But its effects we can handle soon…

A dozen dozens

The addition of the “Battle for Azeroth” is built on the ancient pattern: bigger, taller, stronger. Heroes of World of Warcraft will grow to 120-th level. During this time, they’ll learn “their” territory and quite quickly a campaign can go to the lands of the others. For those who are swinging solely on quests, the process is not fast, because flying into new territory, as usual, will not be available until we complete a number of requirements. These claims, as usual, will appear over time, so a few months will have to stay closer to the ground.

Picture, pleasing the eye of any ideological Horde. What happened to Stormwind, to give until we are.

After you start taking pre-orders for Battle for Azeroth buyers additions have already received access to the four allied races. Soon to be added two more: MAG’hara orcs and dark Iron dwarves. Dwarves – blacksmith craftsmen, they know how to remove negative effects, better tolerate physical damage and run faster indoors. In addition, they always carry a portable rig that works like a teleport. MAG’hara, by contrast, move quickly under the open sky, and various poisons, curses and diseases affect them so long as the others. This race will surely enjoy future hunters, after all Orc Pets will be more tenacious. Alas, warlocks this race turns out to be true.

Story videos also received a “strengthening”. Now our characters are playing a full role.

To replace them, one versatile necklace, which is not worse than an industrial vacuum cleaner sucks out the entire us exotic mineral azerit. And the more you absorb, the more gains you will get particular items of equipment. This process is much less time consuming than continually hunt for the artifact. In addition, players no longer have to collect sets of armor for a powerful additional bonus: the sets in this Supplement will not. Except that decorative.

The first RAID dungeon will be Older, Halls of Control. The entrance is located in a huge Golden pyramid, towering over Sendalarm. In ancient times it was erected in the titans, where they kept their enemies, the old gods. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from the history of Azeroth, is the fact that from the Ancient gods do not expect anything good. Perhaps in the depths of this cave lie the origins of the following additions: the Ancient parish as the main evil we have been waiting for many years. But while staging a villain additions seems to be a well-known Queen recklessly utilized were both addictive.

Zuldazar – the place is not the safest. Its streets are full as harmless thieves and more dangerous creatures

However, dungeons are no surprise to anyone in World of Warcraft managed to reach the twentieth level. But in addition, “the Battle for Azeroth” and something completely new. Well, almost new.

To begin with, the expedition to the Islands. Participate in groups of three players, and the condition of successful passing is to collect 6,000 azerit. This can be done in different ways: to develop the Deposit, “to beat out” ore from enemies, look for chests. Each passage will vary as the location of resources and the composition of the opponents and even the terrain. And in special PvP instead of artificial intelligence we will face players of the opposite faction. Whether the island of the expedition to dispel the residue left by the scenarios in Pandaria?

The main theme of the Supplement – the war of the Horde and Alliance. And it would be strange if the system of opposition players remained unchanged. With the release of “Battle for Azeroth” will disappear one of the characteristic features of the game: PvP server. Moreover, they have long ceased to serve the purpose of uniting fans of fighting in the open field, and often attacking players are their inhabitants bewilderment and even outrage.

From the top of the pyramid is a spectacular view of the surrounding jungle. However, not all parts of the archipelago retained a youthful appearance.

Instead of individual servers, all players will receive the mode button war, the analogue of the flags of the war in other projects. Including her will get into their own mirror. And as a bonus for bravery and compensation for loss of time they will be given pjatnadtsatiminutnogo enhance the experience and a ten percent increase in trophies. The numbers are small, but in the course of pumping every bark will be in line. But sooner or later there will come a time when raising the flag of war will go exclusively to fans mass brawl.

The native king to meet us without much joy. But it is not our problem!

For participants of war the developers have prepared a special set of talents, and the most ruthless fighter of the members of the opposing faction will get the title killer. They will begin hunting, and the sky from time to time will be to parachute in a valuable cargo, and it will unfold a local battle. Revised rating system will allow flexible approaches to battles: the whole PvP progress will spread to all the characters. Ratings and awards will be awarded not for special days, and as soon as the player earns them.

Blizzard sure PvP in World of Warcraft is waiting for development and prosperity and that there is no need to force him to drive at players. I think they’re right, and battles in the open world will be more interesting and more accessible. Make sure in August.

To the appearance of the people of Kul Tiras can be treated differently. But ordinary it is not exactly to call it!

Is it true that each new addition is worse than “the Lich King”? Really great communicating and Addons alternate? Waiting for a game the next outflow of the fans? We believe in the best. In the Battle for Azeroth will be plenty to do, beautiful areas and promising prospects. And recycled aspects and innovations will make the game interesting even for tired veterans. At least for a while.