20 facts about Spyro

Everyone loves dragons, and good-natured and brave. Spyro is one of those characters. 20 years after its introduction, the crowd favorite is back to burn the bad guys and butt chests in Spyro are reignited Trilogy— remake of the classic editions series, which will be released on September 21. For the re-release is responsible for the Studio Toys for Bob, the friend in the series Skylanders. And while publishers from Activision are preparing a surprise to fans of the console of antiquity, recall some interesting facts about the fire-breathing hero and the world around him.

Spyro knocks about twenty

Yes, the figure you imagined — as they say in such cases, feel old. The first release, Spyro the Dragon, debuted in the fall of 1998 in North America and Europe, and six months later was released in Japan. This was the second project Insomniac Games, known for the series of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. But the authors brilliantly coped with the task: critics have called their work one of the most beautiful platformers on the PlayStation.

Initially hero was Pete

Of course, Pete isn’t really overlooked the name. In the history is full of great Pits. But, you see, Spyro sounds more original and better fit with the nature of the tailed restless. And it’s not the only change that happened with the character in the process of its creation.

Previously, he was green…

The designers started with the coloration of dragon scales in the first color that comes to mind is green. But it was a bad idea because Spyro was lost in the grass background. That’s why in the end he was purple and gold.

…And adults

In General, in the dragon Kingdom enough overage characters. The same was the protagonist, but, fortunately, Insomniac Games just changed his mind and gave him teenage traits — that is why it is equally enjoy both adults and children.

Here live the dwarves and the orcs — or rather, Gorki

The villain of the original Spyro the Dragon — Gnasty Gnorc a name that the developers made up of the words “dwarf” and “Orc”. Upon learning that dragons consider him a primitive and ugly creature, not a danger to the Kingdom, he with the help of magic imprisoned offenders in crystals. For reliability and churned out hordes Gorkov — fighting with them, Spyro frees his friends.

Born to fly like a rocket

The platforming levels at the time was just huge. Therefore, to move around the map useful as legs and wings, allowing you to jump high and gliding through the air. To make this mechanics more realistic, the developers invited the NASA employee involved in the design of aircraft. So that the grace of the hero is a modern science!

Inspiration harness Napalm…

Each location in Spyro the Dragon are decorated in a unique style. So the developers have achieved diversity, but to the incarnation plan, they sat down at unusual sources of inspiration. For example, the scenery of the World of the Creators Creatures inspired by the film Francis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola) “Apocalypse now”, based on the Rock City are experience designers from “Star wars”, and in some places is not without its “Indiana Jones”.

…And die by the sword.

In recognition of the operational Director for Insomniac John Fiorito (John Fiorito), the image of the speaker fairytale creatures had matured under the influence of the role of Sean Connery (Sean Connery) in the film “dragon Heart”. “The idea lay on the surface — could only make the game” — says the developer.

All the characters in place

The authors are reignited Trilogy revived not only the dragonfly sparks, which monitors the health of Spyro. The stated and other characters, including hunter the Cheetah, Elora the Faun, and Zoe the fairy, a kangaroo named Sheila, Sergeant James Byrd, Bentley the Yeti, Agent 9 and Professor. Villains Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto of Ripto”s Rage! — also have not gone away. On the contrary, they become even more expressive thanks to the work of artists.

The joy of a collector

If externally, Spyro has changed, the rules remained intact. The gameplay still revolves around collecting items, opening up access to new levels and opportunities. The most famous example — the gems that can be spent on the development of the hero and his equipment. Like back the times when gamers on the dispute, cleaned up all the diamonds with locations.

Enemies Spyro was ahead of its time

The end of 90-ies is the primitive antagonists are limited to a narrow model of behavior. Spyro the Dragonsuggested a slightly different format where enemies adapt to the player, and sometimes even mocked him.

National recognition

We have said that all dragons like? So, by 2007, the series has sold 20 million copies, of which a quarter of sales occurred in the first issue.

On both sides of the monitor

In 2011, he became the pioneer of the toys-to-life format, combining the normal gameplay and use of figures of characters that must be installed on a special base to migrate them to the virtual world. The technology works on the RFID chip, similar to the sensors of the turnstiles. The idea was picked up by the programmer, Toys for Bob Robert Leyland (Robert Leyland) after a visit to the London underground. Putting the plan colleagues in life, the developers decided to pay homage to the purple dragon. So there was Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, a miniature of the main character included in the starter kit games.

The creators of the airplane hangar

They say the philosopher Diogenes lived in a barrel. The creators of Spyro Trilogy are reignited equipped office real aircraft hangar near San Francisco. It is here that the team of Toys for Bob brought to mind the concept of the toys-to-life, added interactivity to the plots of Disney and returned to the life of the dragon Spyro.

Someone a few secrets?

The owners of the N. Sane Crash Bandicoot Trilogy on the PlayStation 4 can enter the code ^ ^ v v < > < > “square” during the credits of the third part, to see the trailer for the reissue of Spyro. Actually, it’s an Easter egg inside the Easter eggs, it just was released a demo version of the original 1998.

Magic music

Spyro the Dragon will remember the music of Stewart Copeland (Stewart Copeland), written mostly in the style of prog-rock. Which is not surprising: the composer began his career as the drummer of the British band The Police. Warmly accepted by critics tracks and got to use — several reinterpreted, but with recognizable motifs. Besides, specially for this edition, the musician has composed a new song.

Fathers and sons

Son of Stewart Copeland, Patrick (Patrick Copeland), shared the passion of his parents. According to the composer, it was the best time of his family life. “My boys were old enough, and girls young enough we could sit with the whole family in front of the TV and play the game. Graphics are impressive, gameplay was very excited, but the most pleasant was the fact that all this was accompanied by my damn music… Sometimes, the son picked up the controller and finished the level he was much better than me”, — shared memories author of the soundtrack. Subsequently, Patrick even joined the ranks of the employees Insomniac Games, whose works he admired so much.

Love at first clutch

Trilogy The Legend of Spyro opened hero from unexpected angles. After all, in the “Legend” winner of the Golden horns appeared romantic interest — dragoness Cynder. Another egg she was in the service of the villain Malefor sounded, for a moment, mark Hamill (Mark Richard Hamill). But in the age of reason she managed to throw off the shackles and learn to be good — not without the help of Spyro, of course.

The tone with the light

American actor and comedian Tom Kenny (Thomas James Kenny) was voiced Spyro in Ripto”s Rage! and Year of the Dragon, succeeding at the microphone Alazraki Carlos (Carlos Alazraqui), whose voice the dragon spoke in the first part. For a remake of Kenny returned to the old position, for which he had to briefly escape from the role of spongebob Squarepants in the eponymous TV series.

More than a hundred levels

Feature the classic trilogy in that it took not only the quantity but also the quality, becoming a vivid example of how should look like a platformer on the PlayStation. Anyone remember Badlands Skelos, and someone firmly sunk into the soul of a Fireworks Factory — two similar worlds are not here to find. What is not a reason to return to the game to re-collect items and unlock all secrets?